My Story

     I was a childhood abuse victim.  I was diagnosed with ADHD at 8 and bi-polar at 18.   Estranged from my family, with no support,  living a very triggered life.  I brought on much unnecessary drama and put myself into situations that made my trauma worse.  I use to say what happened to me from the ages of 19-30 was worse than anything that happened in my childhood. 

     I had to get real with myself because I had run out of people to blame for how my life had turned out.  I felt stuck in my marriage because I did not want to hurt my beautiful babies. I did not think I had what it took to be a single mom, and I made sure to surround myself with people who felt the same way.  I always looked outside myself for validation and direction from others on what I should be doing with my life, perfectly opening myself up for judgment. 

     One day, I just woke up and wanted to drive my car off the bridge by our house.  After a month of truly thinking about dying every day, I told my wife how I was feeling, and we proceeded to find me the help I needed. The doctor informed me that I was ADHD confirmed, but I was not bipolar.  I had C-PTSD.  Thank God that Doc took the time I needed to figure out what was going on and how to begin creating a life I loved not dreaded.

     I did 9 EMDR sessions, became a yoga instructor, took classes on being a medical intuitive, became a reiki master, a life coach, and am finishing up my Psychology degree.  We change our lives when we change our choices.  I created a mental health model, adjustable for anyone, that creates rituals in our lives to manage our triggers and create the life we dream about.


"We change our lives when we change our choices."

My Mission

     In the last 4 years I have lost many loved ones. These people suffered from trauma.  While they were living I always asked myself, "How do you get through to someone that their choices are making them miserable, and that they are valued and loved when their choices make them feel differently?".  Now that I have processed their deaths,  I still don't know if I have figured out how to get to that person but at least now I have a landing page where someone can email me and tell me they are desperate for change.

     My mission with this sexual abuse coaching program is to guide and empower others to find their own answers.  To be your cheerleader until you feel strong enough to cheerlead yourself.  If we all are living our best life we bring a better vibration and energy to the planet.  Therefore, creating change in a ripple effect.  Working on yourself is the best way to make this world a better place.