About everything beautiful…

There have been so many signs in my life that I am suppose to be sharing the things I am learning in my life. This has been scaring me for years, so I have been doing everything I can to possibly avoid ever being 100% vulnerable. That no longer serves me. So here you go. I teach several yoga classes a week but I think it is important to reach out further (reason for blog). A few years ago I stumbled upon a Yoga Teacher Training. I wanted to learn more about yoga and I thought “it couldn’t hurt”. I, honestly, had no clue what I had just signed up to accomplish. This training started making me accountable for the human being I was suppose to be becoming: responsible for my thoughts, responsible for my actions, responsible for my finances, responsible for the words coming out of my mouth, responsible for how I treat myself, others, animals and this earth. In my 40 years on this earth, I have always prided myself on being open minded and non judgemental and a fairly decent human being. What’s funny is through awareness, I started to see closed minded and judgemental behaviors flowing out of my mouth. I began, weeks into the training, doubting that I could accomplish this. I fell down so many times and I fell down some more. I was trying and trying to change ALL these things I could not stand about myself. My yoga teacher always told me, Amanda, stop trying. This concept evaded me. If I didn’t try how would I grow? Then one day, a paradigm shift occurred. I just started waking up everyday and showing up and making different decisions. Decisions I could stand behind. I learned what loving myself feels like. I try to do it all the time but I fall, so it’s practice. I started learning that yoga is a lot like life. When pain came my way, I could just breathe into it and not give it a meaning. I could maybe cut myself some slack and not hold myself to what I considered the highest standard. I found if I let go and allow the universe to support me and keep my house, head, body in order everything falls into place.

If any of this freedom interests you, continue to follow me…………..Namaste beauties

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