Full Heart, Full Life, Full Moon

On my way to work this morning I was jamming out to my Justin Bieber cd, don’t laugh…I became inspired by one of his songs. It’s called “Children”

“Who’s got the heart? Whose heart is the biggest? Wear it on your sleeve. That we can make a difference.”

I wish someone would have grabbed me 20 years ago and said, “Girl, You have a purpose, connect, pull your head out and get on it”. I was just existing. I was not a happy person. I thought happiness was attainable not a choice. Ever since I was a little girl I always felt like I had some special power. How cool would it be to be able to heal someone or change their life in some way? These were a 5 year olds thoughts. I had no idea I was already thinking about my life purpose and planning to pick up what tools I needed along the way. I will never forget the day all of these thoughts were confirmed. I had started to teach yoga and was having a lot of people wanting private sessions. Of course, my resistance to anything not in my plan had me kind of disgruntled about it. I was attending a yoga retreat in the heart of Arkansas. I had just done 2 hours of heart opening, body lengthening, focusing on breath yoga. I don’t think there was a part of my heart that wasn’t open. I sat down at a table where they were doing Life Prints: they can read your fingerprints and tell you your life purpose, bring up things you need to deal with to heal, or any information to help you on your journey. This was a quickie. In the 30 minutes I was with her she informed me I was a healer and not the lay your hands on people kind. I would find a way to heal people in a very underlying way that was not forceful but so gentle, and that I would figure out. Thanks lady…no pressure. She also told me I needed to follow my heart in any situation where I was advising people. She told me I was going to have to tell people things they didn’t want to hear and be ok with it. This was really overwhelming, though I had already been doing this for 17 years behind the hair chair. I felt responsible to get the word out. I had no clue about what, where, and when but I was raring to go.

It turns out that when I open my heart and wear it on my sleeve, I make a difference. Better yet, I allow source to work through me to make a difference.

Today you will find me practicing honoring myself and showing up without expectations. I try to always be in check of my ego because when someone says you changed my life or I am so thankful I met you, it can go to your head. I always send that love up to source, because source was the one who lead me to do whatever changed their life. I am a vessel, a worker bee. I am not in control, which is very freeing.

I urge you ,on this full moon, to get full in your heart. Lay in the moonlight, charge up your heart and soul. Lay there with a clear mind and ask for your purpose or next step. When we lay down our hurts and wear our heart on our sleeve we all make a difference.

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