One of my purposes is to bring people together.

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The emotional and mental climate in our country right now is scary, and partly to blame on the politics in this country. I have come across some posts on the platform Parler (they have been shared with me) that quite frankly have me buying bullets for my gun. Threatening to kill everyone who voted for Biden and how the world is a better place without us.

I have been bringing people together since birth, born people pleaser, and healer. I brought my mom and her mom closer, I brought my mom and my dad closer, I brought my family closer together many times, and I also have the power to do the opposite. I live by my intuition and a “feeling”, and it has made my life so much easier and I am happier. I coach others to know themselves in this way, to bring the many facets of themselves together. I am a patcher, a rush in and fix everything, and I also can burn the house to the ground and be a destroyer.

It feels good to bring people together. Inclusivity is one of the things I think is so important in this world today. I practice inclusivity every day on purpose. I think this is why I became a yoga instructor and a reiki master. Knowing that I am bringing positive intentions and helping to heal those who are just like me. I used to feel used up in this world of consumerism, desperate, lonely, abused, and hating my reality. I have practiced yoga and mindfulness for many years to balance these feelings and because of my intention and actions I feel balanced and prepared.

I am all for everyone believing their own thing as long as human rights, and environmental issues are addressed. What I can not stand behind and wont stand behind is Americans dividing the population to spread lies, conspiracy theories, and taking us right down the road we just prevailed over. When I am asking myself does this feel right? Keeping us mad at each other and on seperate platforms is exactly what “they” want, so no this doesn’t feel good.

EVERYTHING I have been working towards my whole life seems to just be dwindling down the drain, right along with my purpose. It seems to be but it isnt. I have faith in humanity that it will prevail as the feminine energy starts to heal the earth.

All I am saying, is give PEACE a chance!

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